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  • Indiantown Non-Profit Housing, Inc.’s Impact on

    Energy Conservation in Martin County.


    Starting in late 2010, Indiantown Non-Profit Housing, Inc., (INPHI) in partnership with Martin County successfully reduced the number of abandoned homes in the County. The severe economic conditions and bad lending practices combined to produce a large number of homes that were abandoned and vacant.


  • AIA Florida Takes a Leadership Role
    Authored by: Ron Johnson, AIA and Tom Cooper, AIA

    Florida along with the rest of the nation has reached a critical juncture of population growth, energy shortages, financial problems and deteriorating environmental conditions. In light of these concerns we believe the architects of Florida must offer their knowledge, experience and talents to help provide a better life and physical environment for its citizens.

  • Design Winners Lead the Way

    By: Ann Taylor

    This three-story, custom designed home is located on three-quarters of an acre at the crest of the secondary coastal dune running from Fort Pierce to Hobe Sound. It offers elevated views to the east of the Intracoastal Waterway and to the west of Savannas Preserve State Park.

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Thomas T. Cooper, AIA, is a sole practitioner, Florida based, architectural firm offering a wide range of professional services to both public and private clients. Tom was licensed to practice architecture in Florida in 1967, and although he has worked with other architectural firms during the intervening years, he has continually kept his firm active.

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